Joining a playgroup will be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding benefits of your LMG membership. It is an opportunity for you and your child/children to form incredible bonds and friendships with other LMG members. A playgroup isn't just friends for your kids to play with, it also provides a great support system for you!

Our playgroups are schedule-based and organized through a Google calendar. When you become a member of Lynnfield Moms Group, you’ll receive a link to the weekly schedule. Each time slot will have up to 8 spots so that playgroups stay manageable for those hosting. The majority of playgroups meet on a weekly basis, either outside at a park when the weather cooperates or at members' homes during inclement weather. If you are a new member, please indicate that you are interested in joining a playgroup, include the age of your child and or children on the membership form and a link to the calendar will be sent to you. If you are an existing member, please email the Playgroup Director to gain access to the calendar at

While we try our best, it’s impossible to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules. If there isn’t currently a playgroup that meets during a time that works for you, please check back often, as new groups are forming on an ongoing basis. We also encourage you to check out our private Facebook group where members post about informal group meet-ups.

When looking into playgroups, remember that each playgroup develops its own personality and style. If you do not find an existing playgroup that works for you, you are encouraged to start your own playgroup. You may participate in more than one playgroup if your schedule allows.

Lynnfield Moms Group Playgroup Program Frequently Asked Questions

How does the playgroup program work?
If there’s an open playgroup that meets your individual needs, simply sign up in our Google calendar. The first person to sign up for a time slot will coordinate the small group via email. If there isn’t an existing group (groups close due to size), we can help link you together with other members who are looking to form a playgroup. Please check the calendar regularly as playgroups are forming on an ongoing basis.

When and where are playgroups held?
Playgroups are held at locations set by the playgroup members. Most playgroups establish a set day and time to meet and then establish a hosting schedule. Typically, playdates are held at someone’s home – however, once your group is up and running, you can determine where and when you want to meet. Often times, playgroups will meet at parks, coffee shops, museums, indoor playgrounds, etc. Again, this can all be decided by your individual group. The Playgroup Director is not responsible for creating or tracking individual playgroup schedules.

How can I sign up for a playgroup?
If you are a new member to Lynnfield Moms Group, please indicate that you are interested in joining a playgroup upon registration. If you initially didn’t opt to join a playgroup and have had a change of heart, please contact to gain access to our shared playgroup calendar.

How long does it take to form a playgroup?
If there is an open playgroup that meets your needs, you’ll be placed right away. Otherwise, it may take several months to form your group. This depends on the mix of members who are looking to join a playgroup at the time of your inquiry.

How large are the playgroups?
Playgroups typically start out small, 3-4 people, and grow from there. We recommend a maximum group size of 8 so that groups are manageable for those hosting in their homes.

What actions should the playgroup take if an issue or problem arises?
First, the group and its members should try to work out the issue within the group together. Bring the issue to the attention of the people or person responsible and try to find a solution. If the issue cannot be resolved, please choose a person from your group to contact the Playgroup Director who will work with your group to resolve the problem. Similarly, if you feel your playgroup simply isn’t a good match for you, please check the playgroup calendar often to join a different group. We want this to be an enjoyable experience for you!