Meal Train for New Moms

Calling all expectant moms… please let us know when you are due! LMG has a Meal Train for families of newborns. We all know how hard it is to get meals on the table when you have a new baby - whether it’s your first or fourth. As a community of moms, we would like to support you and help provide several meals for your family after your baby arrives. If you are in need of a meal train, or are interested in volunteering, please contact Erica Kelly, Meal Train Coordinator.

Here are a few helpful tips for LMG members who will be dropping off meals:

  • Pick healthy, comfort foods.

  • Do as much prep work for the meal as possible. Chop vegetables for the salad, or cook the pasta ahead of time, so things only need to be reheated.

  • Label clearly with simple baking instructions. For example: 350*F for 30 mins

  • Think of their children. Be sure to prepare something that is kid friendly if they have toddlers or older kids.

  • Consider including snack type foods, like veggie and fruit trays, chips and salsa, appetizers, hummus, crackers and spreads, granola bars, apples. Again, healthy and really easy to grab are key.

  • Make enough for leftovers. Freezable meals are also nice.

  • Don’t send anything that you want back. Families with new babies won't have time to wash, sort, and return dishes. I recommend using recyclable or re-usable ziploc/tupperware and a paper bag. If you must send something that you want back, please make sure that it is clearly labeled with your name and email address.

  • If taking something that might spill, use a container/dish larger than the recipe calls for. If that isn't convenient, put it in a box lined with a towel, or if you have a plastic tub of some sort, that would work too. You don’t want your hard work to end up all over your car.

  • Take out works too!! Make sure you have tips and delivery time organized in advance. You can also give frozen grocery store meals like lasagna, or pick up a deli rotisserie chicken and sides.

  • Drop off the meal and run. It is not a time for a tour of their house or a play date with their children. This will obviously depend on your existing relationship, but it is safer to expect that the meal recipient is not ready to entertain yet.