Meal Train for New Moms

Calling all expectant moms… please let us know when you are due! LMG has a Meal Train for families of newborns. We all know how hard it is to get meals on the table when you have a new baby - whether it’s your first or fourth. As a community of moms, we would like to support you and help provide several meals for your family after your baby arrives. Please contact Erica Kelly for more information. 

Here are a few helpful tips for LMG members who will be dropping off meals:

  • Pick healthy, comfort foods.
  • Do as much prep work for the meal as possible. Chop vegetables for the salad, or cook the pasta ahead of time, so things only need to be reheated.
  • Label clearly with simple baking instructions. For example: 350*F for 30 mins
  • Think of their children. Be sure to prepare something that is kid friendly if they have toddlers or older kids.
  • Consider including snack type foods, like veggie and fruit trays, chips and salsa, appetizers, hummus, crackers and spreads, granola bars, apples.  Again, healthy and really easy to grab are key. 
  • Make enough for leftovers. Freezable meals are also nice.
  • Don’t send anything that you want back. Families with new babies won't have time to wash, sort, and return dishes. I recommend using recyclable or re-usable ziploc/tupperware and a paper bag. If you must send something that you want back, please make sure that it is clearly labeled with your name and email address.
  • If taking something that might spill, use a container/dish larger than the recipe calls for. If that isn't convenient, put it in a box lined with a towel, or if you have a plastic tub of some sort, that would work too. You don’t want your hard work to end up all over your car.
  • Take out works too!! Make sure you have tips and delivery time organized in advance.  You can also give frozen grocery store meals like lasagna, or pick up a deli rotisserie chicken and sides. 
  • Drop off the meal and run. It is not a time for a tour of their house or a play date with their children. This will obviously depend on your existing relationship, but it is safer to expect that the meal recipient is not ready to entertain yet.

Babysitter Match-Up

Please contact Tina Bruno if you are interested in learning more about our Babysitter Match up program. The idea is to match moms up with babysitters who live in close proximity, as some great babysitters don't have licenses/cars.

Please let her know if you are interested in being matched with a babysitter in your neighborhood , and be sure to include your address or general neighborhood and if there are any specific days/times you are interested in.